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Access and storage of information (DATA PROTECTION)

At Pippa’s House Nurseries we have an open access policy in relation to accessing information about the nursery and parents’ own children. This policy is subject to the laws relating to data protection and document retention.


All staff is to ensure that they store children’s information i.e. contact sheets, accident forms are not visible to parents.


This is to protect the welfare of families that attend our nurseries.


Legal framework and definition of safeguarding

  • Children Act 1989 and 2004

  • Childcare Act 2006

  • Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006

  • The Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) 2017

  • Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018

  • What to do if you’re worried a child is being abused 2015

  • Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015.  General Data Protection 2018



Pippa’s House Nursery is securely monitored by a CCTV surveillance system. The Nursery Manager/Owner is responsible for the operation of the system for ensuring compliance with this policy. The system is primarily used to:

  • Reduce the threat of a child being abducted

  • Reduce the risk of damage to the building

  • Reduce the risk of theft.

  • Assist in the prevention and detection of crime

  • Help ensure the safety of all the users, staff, children, parents and visitors, consistent with the respect for the individual’s privacy.


We recognise that the use of CCTV has become a common feature of our daily lives and that CCTV operators have certain duties and responsibilities to those whose images are caught on camera.


The Nursery complies with the Information Commissioners CCTV Code of Practice to ensure it is used responsibly and safeguards both trust and confidence in its continued use.


The use of CCTV and the associated images is covered by the Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR.


Viewing of the recorded images of CCTV will be restricted to the Nursery Manager within the office, also to those staff who need to have access in accordance with the purpose of the system. Out of nursery hours, the owner will have access to CCTV images via secure remote access to assist in maintaining the security of the premises. This is not a “webcam” facility; parents will not have access to view recordings.


All confidential files are kept in locked filing cabinets. Children’s details are stored on a private computer system where only DBS checked staff are allowed to access these.


Parents are welcome to view the policies and procedures of the nursery which govern the way in which the nursery operates. These may be viewed at any time when the nursery is open, simply by asking the nursery manager or by accessing the file in the main office. The nursery manager or any other relevant staff member will also explain any policies and procedures to parents or use any other methods to make sure that parents understand these in line with the nursery’s communications policy.


Parents are also welcome to see and contribute to all the records that are kept on their child. However, we must adhere to data protection laws and, where relevant, any guidance from the relevant agencies for child protection.


As we hold personal information about staff and families, we are registered under data protection law with the Information Commissioner’s office. A copy of the certificate can be viewed. All parent, child and staff information is stored securely according to the requirements of data protection registration including details, permissions, certificates and photographic images.


The nursery’s records and documentation are kept and stored in accordance with minimum legal archiving requirements. We currently archive records for up to 25 years. This policy will be reviewed annually and amended according to any change in law/legislation.


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