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Pippa's House Nursery

Our four bright and spacious rooms are equipped with a wealth of resources, providing children with an engaging environment for exploration. Situated conveniently in the heart of Guildford, our Children's Nursery in Guildford offers a convenient location within walking distance of the town centre, bus and train stations, and a mere 5-minute drive to the A3, making it the ideal choice for commuters. With on-site parking for easy drop-offs, buggy shelters at both the front and back of the nursery, and extended operational hours, we aim to cater to the diverse needs of all families.

"My wife and I have been very happy since our little boy joined Pippas House in Guidlford since he was 1 year old. The nursery have really met our expectations. We have seen how well they are taking care of our boy, the good quality meals they provide, the development games and general activities. Is good to have a nursery like this so well located at Guildford town." - (02/01/2024)


Wharf House
Wharf Road

Tel: 01483 338 671


Monday: 7.30am - 6.30pm
Tuesday: 7.30am - 6.30pm
Wednesday: 7.30am - 6.30pm
Thursday: 7.30am - 6.30pm
Friday: 7.30am - 6.30pm

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Our experienced team recognises the unique qualities of each child, ensuring that the environment is tailored to meet their individual needs. Through our key person approach, every child has a special adult to guide them throughout the day, fostering a sense of security and support.

We take pride in ensuring that each day at Pippa's House Children's Nursery in Guildford is filled with fun, love, and learning. With two lovely gardens accessible year-round and the stunning National Trust grounds next door, outdoor learning knows no bounds. From cultivating fruits and vegetables to exploring British wildlife, children have a diverse range of educational opportunities.


Our settling babies

In our welcoming downstairs rooms, our youngest ones find a nurturing environment to settle in, feel secure, and begin their journey of independence from their caregivers. We prioritise creating a cosy and engaging atmosphere where they can form new bonds and take their initial steps. We value open communication with parents to ensure that the transition to nursery respects established routines for the newest addition to the family.


Our curious toddlers

Our toddlers are natural explorers, eager to discover the world around them. They utilise a variety of materials and authentic resources to initiate their own play and gain insights into their environment. Engaging in messy play enhances their sensory development and sparks their imagination. Through these activities, they enhance their physical abilities, gain confidence, and learn to interact with their peers. Outdoor play is central to their daily routine, where games and ride-on vehicles contribute to the development of their gross motor skills and coordination while they have fun.


Our independent preschoolers

Our eldest children benefit from a more structured curriculum designed to prepare them for school. They hone their prewriting and prereading skills through tracing, refining their pencil grip, and engaging in discussions about stories. As their attention spans lengthen, they tackle increasingly challenging and extended activities. Art and craft activities foster decision-making and self-expression, while working with their peers promotes social skills. As they prepare to transition to the next phase of their educational journey, we help them to master the self-care routines necessary for a smooth adjustment to school life.

Our extracurricular activities, including sports, drama, and dance, offer an extra layer of learning, creating memorable experiences for the children. We encourage family involvement, providing plenty of opportunities for the whole family to participate in these activities.

From the Pippa's House Guildford family to yours, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to welcome you in!

Each room at our Children's Nursery in Guildford boasts unique features tailored to specific age groups:
"We’re really happy with how our son has settled into Pippa’s House nursery in Guildford. The staff are all lovely and we’re really pleased with the variety of activities he’s doing even at such a young age, including opportunities for play outside, crafts, messy play and free play. Always impressed with the cleanliness of the rooms and that the toys out are rotated regularly and of such nice quality." - (03/02/2024)
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