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Pippa’s House Children's Nursery is a family-owned group offering childcare across five settings based around Surrey and Hampshire.

We pride ourselves on embodying a distinctive educational philosophy that revolves around a family-focused approach to early childhood development. At the core of this philosophy is the belief that each child is unique and deserves a bespoke education tailored to their individual needs and learning style.

Staff member working with the children at Pippa's House Nursery

We are committed to providing a flexible learning environment

The nursery places a strong emphasis on fostering a collaborative partnership with families, recognizing the critical role parents play in a child's early years. Pippa's House is committed to providing a flexible learning environment that supports the diverse needs of each family, ensuring that the nursery experience seamlessly integrates into the dynamics of home life.

Staff professional development is a cornerstone of Pippa's House

The commitment to excellence is evident in the provision of beautiful, high-quality resources that stimulate and engage young minds. Moreover, the nursery's dedication to a culture of continuous improvement is reflected in its commitment to always learning, both for the children and the staff. Staff professional development is a cornerstone of Pippa's House, ensuring that educators are equipped with the latest insights and techniques to deliver the highest quality early childhood education.

Pippa's Kitchen

Pippa's Kitchen

Our Menu

We prepare fresh, tasty dishes for our children daily.  Preparing the food in-house we are able to cater for the most complex dietary requirements.

Please note, our kitchen does not use eggs or nuts.

What delicious meals are included in my child's session?

Extended Full Day & Full Day Sessions - All

Morning Session  - Breakfast / AM Snack / Lunch / Dessert

Afternoon Session - PM Snack / Tea

Short Day Session - AM Snack / Lunch / Dessert / PM Snack

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