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Weybridge Little Boppers

Weybridge Little Boppers

Full of exciting and stimulating resources that provides a variety of hands on activities (role-play toys, natural materials, light panels etc), these rooms offers Boppers the opportunity of finding answers to their own inquisitive matters whilst discovering their place in the world.

Experimenting with a range of sensory or "messy" materials (flour, sand, paints etc) gives the children the opportunity to create and consolidate their own concepts through active play. Skilful practitioners guide and provide a base for furthering each child's potential. 

We take into consideration individual needs and personalities and have designed a 'quiet' area where Boppers can and are invited to discover the fascinating world of books and small group activities, spending quality time with their "special" person.

Social interaction and personal skills are crucial at this age. Taking turns and sharing the attention of one person are important skills that need to be formed at this early age. Practitioners are acting as positive role-models showing children how to express themselves whilst respecting others.

We operate on a maximum of 1:4 ratio. An allocated key person will be responsible for the development and progress of the child. Communication and working in close partnership with the parent/carer will ensure that the best outcome for the child is achieved.

We are aware that at this age all daily excitement has a tiring effect on the little ones. To support the need of recharging their own energy, Boppers will be offered a nap time. Blinds and soothing music will help create a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

We support and encourage children on their journey towards becoming independent in their own self-care. Potties, role-play activities and discussions with the parents/carers will ensure that this important milestone is successfully achieved. We provide nappies and wipes but ask the parents to provide us with a couple of spare sets of clothing.


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