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Hartbeeps have come to Pippa's House!!!!!!

We had the most wonderful Hartbeeps session today with Bryony and Bianca, we cannot wait to start ou...

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Pizza Pizza Pizza!

Our Big Boppers have been making Pizza's! They loved making the dough, cutting up vegetables to put ...

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Our Little Boppers have loved seeing what they can build in the garden using our big construction bl...

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Our Little Boppers have been exploring dinosaurs in different textures, this week they had frozen pe...

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This week we have been measuring our footprints, we began by walking through the paint, then we sat ...

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Cleaning up the Ocean!

Our children have loved cleaning up the ocean and saving all the seas animals, they have been readin...

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Our Preschool & School Ready children have loved learning about Pandas, the children made their ...

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Water fights!!

On hot sunny day's we love to have water fights to cool ourselves down! The children had so much fun...

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Our Preschool children are really enjoying baking, this week they have been making cakes. The childr...

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Searching for animals.

Big Boppers have loved using animal cards to name animals, they loved exploring new animals that liv...

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The Buzzing Bees!!

Preschool have been learning all about bee's they have loved creating their own bee's, the children ...

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The children have loved using the parachute, creating team games with their friends, laughing alongs...

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Our School Ready children were amazed to see our Sun Flowers have finally started to bloom, they lov...

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Making tunnels!

This week Little Boppers have been making tunnels for their cars to drive through, the children had ...

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Photo day at Pippa's

It's photo day and we're having a blast! We cannot wait to see how they all turn out! 

Colour mixing.

This week in Big Boppers they have been using cotton buds to explore and mix colours, looking at the...

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Open day!

Join us! 

Sports week!

This week the children and staff of Pippa's House Weybridge have been getting sporty, to celebrate s...

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Happy Fathers day!

Happy Father's Day to all our amazing dad's, papa's, dada's and daddy's! 

Bear hunt!

Pre-School have been reading "We're going on a bear hunt" so their key carers created a tuff tray. T...

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