Guildford Preschool

This is an age that building confidence and independence is vital for creating competent learners.

Pre-schoolers are given the freedom of "free-flow", being able to choose their own areas of interest and participating in activities that best suit their learning, personalities, peer group.

The opportunity of accessing outdoor learning and environment multiple times a day enriches children's experiences.

Exciting resources purposefully purchased support this "why" stage of their development and build upon their knowledge by introducing various concepts such as letters and sounds, numerals, concepts about the world, making music using unusual materials etc.

Knowledgeable practitioners carefully plan, monitor and record significant activities that mark important milestones such as moving from parallel to cooperative play. Through discussions, actions and explanations together will decide our inside and outside boundaries and why we have them.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage and our learning is entirely promoted through play.

Uniform is compulsory for Pre-School children.

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