Guildford Babies

Full of exciting and stimulating resources (a black and white teepee, walk in sandpit, cuddly toys, sensory objects), accompanied by warm, skilful interactions and carefully planned individual age appropriate activities, this environment offers our babies the perfect start in becoming confident and accomplished learners.

The room is spacious and light with lots of fresh air provided by the large windows all around the building.

We follow the statutory guidance and allocate a maximum of 1:3 ratio of staff to babies. Each child is allocated a "special person" responsible for supporting each child according to their individual needs, personality and interests.

We focus on close and meaningful bonds that provide all babies with reassurance and a security base from where to explore the world. Each baby is individually assessed and supported.

We have a separate cosy little sleep room where children are encouraged to have their nap. It is closely monitored and home routines regarding settling and timings are followed. The room is designed to offer a calm, quiet and relaxed environment where babies get an uninterrupted and peaceful sleep.

We provide the nappies and wipes, but require parents to provide spare clothing, which is sometimes needed for messy play, meal time spills etc.

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